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Chapman PHP has worked with JFF for almost 3 years, partnering with us to develop a number of interactive web tools. Jim is an extremely responsive partner, always communicating in a clear and timely fashion, and willing to put in whatever time is needed to meet our often tight deadlines. He's endlessly patient and well-humored when facing our frequent iterations and tweaks that our staff think of as a tool evolves. One of the best features of Chapman PHP is the value Jim adds as a thought partner – he doesn't just execute what we ask for, he provides suggestions for enhancements or other approaches to achieve our goals in a more efficient, cost effective, user friendly or creative way.

Chapman PHP provides very competitive pricing, and works to save money by adapting tools we've already developed together. On one request, he even pointed out that it would be much more efficient and cost effective if he built us a portal to create our own simple forms from a series of drag and drop templates, instead of spending the money having him develop a new tool each time. He's willing to potentially decrease his revenue source to best serve his client!

The work Jim has done for us has primarily been php, html and Drupal. Our new Drupal intranet includes features such as an interactive events calendar, a staff schedule that can be updated via a web portal or email, announcements that get posted to the web page and sent in a digest to staff, feedback forms, and much more.

The other php tools that Jim has created include surveys and assessment with a variety of input options, where results trigger a customized set of results and recommended actions and resources, and where output reports can be printed, emailed, saved online, and downloaded into a csv file for offline manipulation. He also created a series of interactive maps showing the status of policies in all 50 states, and an interactive calculator that lets users put in the cost of high school programs in their state and get a cost savings for subsequent college education. Chapman PHP also built an ipad app for a trade show table demonstration for one of our programs.

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